What we know

Cities: Lack good quality green space and the poorest parts of cities need it the most.Green space: Essential for your health, but ‘greenspace quality’ is crucial.

Biodiversity: Defines greenspace quality and natural ecosystems provide optimal biodiversity that has developed through long evolutionary processes.

Microbiomes: Defined by the diversity of micro-organisms and their genetic material. Biodiverse natural ecosystems provide critical exposure to biodiverse microbial communities. This diversity is an important marker of "ecosystem health" and exposure to diverse microbiomes promotes health in humans.

Human Health: Now that we can measure and understand microbiomes, we are realising how much human health depensd on the microbiomes living on and in our bodies. Chronic disease, inflammation, and immune system processes are mediated by our microbiome composition  and microbial diversity appears to improve health outcomes.

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