CBD-WHO Joint work Programme on Biodiversity & Health

Under the CBD-WHO joint work programme, we believe that the best way for our new global mandates on biodiversity and health to be successful is for all segments of the international community to actively get involved to create a diverse and inclusive community of practice, bringing together a vast range of multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise in equal measure with shared experiences of policy-makers, practitioners and communities working on the ground.

Learn more about the activities carried out under the CBD-WHO joint work programme. Multi-stakeholder engagement and support are essential to tackling some of the greatest sustainable development challenges of our time. There are many ways you can contribute to strengthening your own commitment to healthier, more resilient societies for a sustainable future.

Be sure to follow the 2018 UN Biodiversity Conference for an exciting programme on health and biodiversity, under the CBD-WHO joint work programme on biodiversity and health!

Get involved!

Want to share your experiences, best practices and innovative ideas on how to contribute to biodiversity mainstreaming for a healthy future but not sure where to start? Don't miss the opportunity to engage!


Ask us about our ongoing collaborative work under the joint work programme, share your best practices and engage. We value your time, insights and experiences, and count on your support to pave the path for a better tomorrow.

Stay in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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CBD-WHO joint work programme on biodiversity and health

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